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September 1998

Welcome to the first issue of Nails Monthly Magazine. This magazine will be dedicated to those women with long, sexy finger nails and toenails. It will also be a source for us long nail enthusiasts to come to view pics and articles about our fetish. I thought I was alone with my fetish for long nails, but apparently there is a large number of men that also share this feeling. If you know of any long nailed women (hands or feet), or you are a woman with them please forward a contribution to me so the magazine can be updated monthly. The mag will feature the hands and feet of the month, as well as a special photo gallery. This months feature hands belong to Debbie "LgNailz", who is well known in internet circles for her one of a kind nails. The feet of the month belong to an anonymous lady who's pic I got from Jax's site. If anyone can identify her please let me know, or have her contact me. This month's photo gallery is dedicated to Dr. Kathy Hayes, known to us nail enthusiasts as the "nail goddess". She not only has beautiful finger nails, but she also has the sexiest feet I have ever seen in life. I hope you enjoy this issue.

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Anthony Hill
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